tubincab2.jpg Boston Herald: Grandpa Bob delivered heart, wisdom, the Herald.

Slate Magazine — THE VANITY INDEX: The first mathematical formula to measure political egos!

Garnick-McCain Slate MagazineTHE BABY PRIMARY: Can I get my 5-month-old daughter photographed with every presidential candidate?

President_Snoopy Slate Magazine: History’s Greatest Fictional Presidential Candidates

canaligatorweb.jpg Boston Herald: It’s all fun and games until a mascot loses an eye!

syrian-lingerie-tweety-3 Ha’aretzDAMASCUS AFTER DARK: What does the 1973 Yom Kippur War have to do with the rise of the Syrian lingerie industry?

pregnantweb.jpg Boston Herald: Yikes! What’s it like to be a Pregnant Guy?

sloththumb.jpg Boston Herald: Dramatic Sloth Rescue — In Slo-Motion!

boygeorgebright.jpg The Telegraph: Hasn’t Boy George suffered enough?

bodyhedweb.gif Boston Herald: Oh yes, mad scientists do exist… and they’re here in Boston.

trailerfred.gif The Telegraph: Coming to a gumball machine near you: Classism!

fish-pedicure-1 Boston Herald My First (Forbidden) Fish Pedicure. Plus, a bonus “Last Laugh” pedicure column for New Hampshire Magazine.

Boston HeraldLet’s stop apologizing for Gitmo music torture — with bonus research material on the official U.S. Army Radio song list used to torment Panama dictator Manuel Noriega.

Boston Herald – Playing Pilgrim: Historical role play at Plimoth Plantation is more work than play!

More Selected favorite columns and articles coming soon!

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