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Support the Super Friends: Donate Comic Books for Children’s Hospital!

Come say hello to Darren and Ari at the Granite State Comic Con's CHaD Hero table on Sunday to benefit Children's Hospital at Dartmouth.

Come say hello to Darren and Ari at the Granite State Comic Con’s CHaD Hero table Sunday to benefit Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth.

On Sunday, Sept. 29, Ari and I will be setting up a CHaD Hero donation table at the Granite State Comic Con, which is being held at the Radisson Expo Center in downtown Manchester, NH.

I’ll be selling awesome trading cards, action figures, comic books and pop culture items from my own collection with all proceeds going to the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth. On October 20, much of my family is participating in the CHaD Hero Fun Run & 5K in Hanover. Formerly known as the Garnick Justice League, we are now named the Super Friends and Super Acquaintances, reflecting an expansion of our team beyond our inner circle.

I’m not a fan of yard sales where people argue for 15 minutes over whether the selling price is $1.50 or a $1.75. I am hoping that Comic Con visitors will be Super Generous and offer to pay double or triple the prices I am asking given the worthy cause.


logo* DONATED MEMORABILIA — Dealers, we’d appreciate one highly desirable comic-related item from your tables. Please be generous to the CHaD kids.

* CASH DONATIONS/RACE SPONSORSHIP — Don’t have anything to sell? No problem. We’ll be collecting additional donations under our Super Friends team. You can also write a check directly to CHaD and put “Super Friends Team” on the memo line.

* FELLOW COSTUMED RUNNERS – Some of our team is just running a mile. Others will be running or walking the 5K or the half marathon. Whatever kind of shape you’re in, we’d be honored to run along with you.

Please email me at darrengarnick@gmail.com if you’d like to help in any way! Special thanks to Double Midnight Comics who graciously donated the table space at Granite Con.

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Which costume would you rather wear with running shoes?

Costumed theme 5K races are becoming far more commonplace. Which outfit would you rather wear to a wedding?

I’ll be huffing and puffing 5 kilometers in disguise over the next month, channeling the spirit of a bridesmaid and Robin the Boy Wonder in two separate charity races.

Would be honored if you’d consider pledging a donation of any size to the Runaway Bridesmaids team (fighting human trafficking) at New York’s 5th Avenue Mile Race this weekend — or to the Garnick Justice League, which is again battling for Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD) at their Superhero 5K.

The homemade Robin costume is as advertised.  The dresses above, however, bear no resemblance to the one which will be draped on my frame this Saturday.

That’s a fashion secret about to be revealed in a Men’s Fitness magazine exclusive.

Really.  Stay tuned….

UPDATE: Here’s the reveal.

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