Ari’s First NH Primary

This first picture with former NATO Gen. Wesley Clark is one of my favorites.

We had just eaten pancakes at an elementary school breakfast, where Democratic darling George McGovern (the guy that got whipped by Richard Nixon) was supposed to make flapjacks and endorse Clark. McGovern is the distinguished balding guy near the brick wall.


Before I started trusting politicians not to drop my kids, I played it safe with the less dramatic baby stroller pose. At this 2003 Fourth of July Parade in New Hampshire, I discovered Howard Dean standing by himself waiting for his volunteers to show up. He was in a jovial mood, opening up the stroller’s snack tray and pretending to eat Ari’s crackers. This was weeks before Dean’s Internet minions propelled him to frontrunner status. And, of course, months before his primal scream in Iowa (unfairly) ushered in his political downfall.


Joe Lieberman, months before introducing his horrendous “Joe-Mentum” slogan, didn’t seem at all flustered by the presence of a Howard Dean balloon! That’s Hadassah in the red. Ari’s the one in the stroller.


Originally, it was my intention to photograph my son and my daughter together with the 2008 presidential field. Click here to find out why Dahlia’s older brother had other ideas.



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4 responses to “Ari’s First NH Primary

  1. Preet Patil

    Cute rendezvous with politicisns. I only wish Dahlia just met the future US president. Hope u got my point.. yes I’m supporting Obama. For, he is so youthful and I see honesty in his eyes.. And I loved Ari’s gaze.. Take care

  2. Eugenia Adams

    I think your pictures are great! Ari is a cutie pie. If I were you wife I would kill you.(smile) Anyway, cool idea – go for the Fred Thompson photo to make it complete…It’s also pretty cool to see to ops with Obama, our next President.

  3. The notion that you “stole” this idea is preposterous! Politicians have been kissing babies ever since the invention of babies. Popular across the entire political spectrum, it’s been a propaganda ploy for nice guys and despots alike.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. ellenag

    Happy to see Ari feeling secure in General Clark’s arms; so would we all!

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