Scott Baio’s photoshop pregnancy & Oprah’s miracle


Just stumbled across this ad in an “old” magazine cluttering my office floor.

Scott Baio looks a heck of a lot more comfortable here than I did wearing the Empathy Belly.

I guess being Photoshopped comes without the back pain.

And then, there’s this male pregnancy “miracle” touted by Oprah and People magazine.

OK, what’s with the parrot?

You can read my “Culture Schlock” analysis of why there’s nothing miraculous about Pregnant Thomas here.

But what do I know? I just put on a water-filled flak jacket. For a more authoritative view, I consulted Stephanie, a.k.a. “The Manic Mom,” who has experienced pregnancy from the female perspective.

Stephanie argues that a guy who was born a girl and kept all his “girly parts” minus the “ta-tas” is not a guy. Especially if “the indoor plumbing’s still active.”

There you go. The debate is officially settled.

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