Do Republican women read fitness magazines?

Fitness Magazine - May 2008

By now, surely you’ve heard that Condi Rice starts her “No Excuses” workout routine at 4:30 a.m. in the State Department gym. For a deep analysis on how this affects you, check out my Boston Herald column, “My secretary of state can beat up your foreign minister.”

But what’s puzzling to me is how gingerly Fitness magazine is trumpeting their scoop. In her introduction to Condi’s bench press photo spread, Editor-in-Chief Denise Brodey is almost apologetic that she’s not profiling a Democrat fitness nut like Nancy Pelosi.

I confess I don’t know what Pelosi’s HDL/LDL ratio is or if she even works out.

I just know that Condi’s sin is that she’s too conservative.

“I had to wonder,” Brodey writes, “how does one of the most controversial figures in the White House today seem to shut it all down, throw on a sports bra and let the pressures of the day slide off her back?”

“Whether you are a fan of hers, Rice’s sheer will to succeed is inspiring. Here she shares how fitness keeps her sane…”

I’m assuming Brodey slaps the “controversial” tag on Rice because everyone who calls George Bush their boss, including his caterers, will be stigmatized in certain sectors for eternity. I’m also assuming that Fitness mag’s readership must be 80 percent Democrat.

Help me out here America: Do Republican women read fitness magazines? All those country clubs out there (some which still wouldn’t admit Rice) are filled with skinny people, right?

As for the “controversial” label, a PBS Frontline special just made the assertion that Condi was totally kept out of the loop by Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld about their fantasies to attack Iraq after 9/11. Frontline infers that as National Security Adviser, Rice was treated by Cheney and Rummy as a glorified Russian language grad student, someone who should have been fetching them coffee.

How come we never hear Jimmy Carter being described as the “controversial” former President? The guy is now openly embracing evil Hamas mastermind Khalid Meshal.

But back to Condi. Count me as a huge fan, even though I will never work out at 4:30 a.m.


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4 responses to “Do Republican women read fitness magazines?

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  2. Galvin

    I think she’s secretly working out for the top spot in the soon-to-be-announced Rocky 7 … I mean why settle for second best at the white house when she can pulverize anyone on the rocky set

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