Borat – no, make that Bruno – takes on the Middle East

One of the few A-List comedians who can match Adam Sandler’s raunchiness — and get away with it (i.e. sell tickets) — is Sascha Baron Cohen, a.k.a. “Borat.”

Now, Borat’s gay Austrian fashionista cousin, Bruno, will have his irreverent say on the Middle East conflict.

According to early leaks out of Israel, both the Arabs and the Jews are in for a satirical beating.

“Rob, the producer who spoke to us earlier on the phone, had a British accent and seemed serious and professional,” writes Middle East political analyst Yossi Alpher, a columnist for The Forward newspaper. “The interview was taking place in an appropriate setting, near the Zion Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem. Obviously, this production company, with its three cameras and large coterie of assistants, was serious and very professional.”

“We had been asked to be interviewed for a documentary that would explain the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the youth of the world. A worthy cause. The producers explained that our interviewer, a German rock star, was the perfect person to establish strong communication with our audience. Perfect, also, because neither of us knows anything about rock stars, German or otherwise.”

According to Alpher, Bruno insists that the Jennifer Aniston vs Angelina Jolie catfight over Brad Pitt is a more hostile situation than Israel vs the Palestinians.

“Our rock-star host concluded with a mind-boggling song about the epic Middle East conflict between Jews and Hindus. At the crescendo, he grabbed our hands and joined them with his. Unlike Mahmoud Abbas and Ehud Olmert (or President Bush and Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah), my Palestinian fellow interviewee and I are not hand-holders, but we suffered through it. As we started to hurry away, the interviewer followed us, cameras still rolling, peppering us with nonsense questions about being taken hostage and having his throat slit on camera.”

Should be a doozy….


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