Admit it, you secretly wish you were playing shuffleboard (and smelled like) New Kids on the Block

New Kids On The Block

Some of the 30-year-old “girls” blessed to be playing shuffleboard this weekend on Carnival’s New Kids on the Block cruise were observed kissing cardboard cutouts of their favorite boy band as they boarded the ship.

For the screeching girls sake, I hope that Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight are in a better mood on the lido deck than they were at a Manhattan Macy’s where they were promoting perfume.

According to the photographer who snapped this pix that ran in the NY Daily News, the NKOTB gang seemed pissed to be promoting their product:

“The group poses for photogs at Macy’s Herald Square where The New Kids On The Block were promoting thier Izod Fragrance … The kids seemed not very enthusiastic about posing for the photogs and seemed to just go thru the motions … for what seemed to be all of two minutes and then the security person called a halt to photographing and the photogs were cleared from the store…”

Back to the issue of kissing cardboard cutouts, this behavior is actually quite common amongst devoted boy band fans. Because I simply cannot spread around this link enough, here is the most passionate cardboard kisser on the planet — perhaps the most entertaining character EVER discovered by me and filmmaker Peter Koziell.

If you know any New Kids on the Block fans who deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Tony — fans who have changed their hair color more often to please the NKOTB — please let me know and we will dispatch a camera crew there for a “Totally Devoted” sequel.

Budget permitting, of course.

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