Most Daring Marketing Move of 2009: Felony Franks

Home of the "Probation Burger" and the "Misdemeanor Weiner"

If you check the “Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Crime?” box, most employers will treat your job application like it is contaminated with the Swine Flu. But Chicago businessman Jim Andrews only hires ex-cons. Featuring a shackled sausage logo, Felony Franks sells the “Misdemeanor Wiener,” “Probation Burgers” and “Chain Gang Chili Dogs,” something cutesy you might expect to see if your mom took over the prison cafeteria and added pinstripe tablecloths with matching drapes.

Appetizers are called “accomplices” on the menu. And as a bonus, the cinder-block takeout joint is located in the Windy City’s crime-ridden West Side. Call me prejudiced or judgmental, but I would not order home delivery from this place.

LOVE the cartoon logo, but like Donald Duck, he could use some pants!

Felony Franks is the dubious winner of the Working Stiff’s “Most Daring Marketing Move” Award, which as you might imagine, is a prestigious award I made up. Find out who won the “Schmuck of the Decade” honors and other surprising award revelations only in today’s Boston Herald.


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