Microsoft: PowerPoint and Excel contain no secret Bible Code

Why do Microsoft for Mac icons look so much like Hebrew letters?

After months of speculation, my wife Stacy just tracked down the Microsoft people to ask them why their new symbols for PowerPoint, Excel and Word look like funky versions of Hebrew letters.

Here’s the response from corporate:

“The Office 2008 for Mac icons are an evolution from the icons in Office 2004 for Mac, and represent the brand guidelines developed for the suite – Approachable, Energetic, Exacting and Elegant. Any resemblance to another icon or symbol is purely coincidental.”

I know how to say “Excuse me, where is the nearest bomb shelter?” in Hebrew (“Slichah, eifo ha-meeklat karov ma’od?”), but I can’t figure out any secret meaning to the combination of letters, Koof/Aleph/Shin.

Can any linguistics experts, Dead Sea Scroll scholars or Israeli crossword puzzle lovers help me out here? Is there a secret Microsoft Bible Code?

In any case, I love these stylized fonts. The Israeli government should hire the Apple-Microsoft team to do a complete Hebrew alphabet redesign.


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2 responses to “Microsoft: PowerPoint and Excel contain no secret Bible Code

  1. Miriam Chartier

    Millions of eyes over thousands of years have viewed the same letters . Now we know in our generation the discovery and the Torah secrets. The computer, which has become our eyeglasses, is allowing us to read so to speak between the lines of the Torah. The Torah brings th past and present together by containing coded names of people lived thousands of years ago and as well as thise of current figures in Israel and the world. In the Tora is all that Is.
    We forget we share the world …their the sons of men, beast and the sons of G-D along with the origins of evil, fallen angels that have seeded. Are we blind, yes. The lie and deceit that covers our eyes.

  2. Bill Lindsay

    it is the word ‘straw’

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