Don’t Bite Your Friends

There’s something strangely addicting and compelling about this “Don’t Bite Your Friends” song and dance number by the monsters from Yo Gabba Gabba.

I’m not sure if it’s the hypnotic voice of the robot, the catchy synthesizer beat, the folksy message or the emotional chorus (Bite? Bite? Bite? No! No! No!)

But I want the soundtrack. I first heard this song from the other room as my 2-year-old daughter Dahlia was dancing away. She does not have a biting problem, but she does “affectionately” smack her older brother Ari, 7.

My son suggests two other songs that Yo Gabba Gabba should record:

1. “Don’t Murder Your Friends,” a simple tribute to the 10 Commandments; and

2. “Don’t Use Your Brother as a Tissue,” a personal appeal to his sister’s lack of consideration during flu season.

As long as the robot is the lead singer, I’m thinking both songs could be huge hits.


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