Is this photogenic python getting a raw deal?

Meet Maine's Most Sociable Snake

This snake involuntarily raises money for charity at York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo in Maine.

People fork over a $5 modeling fee — I couldn’t resist — with the proceeds going to some Costa Rican wildlife reserve that rescues injured monkeys.

The indignity of it all: This snake doesn’t even get to help his fellow snakes!

Adding to the insulting environment is the Purell dispenser, which tourists use to sterilize themselves from snake germs — right in front of him.

A popular photo-op

For the record, this handsome creature is an Albino Burmese Python. The Constrictors Unlimited pet store says these animals have a very “gentle and deliberate temperament.” But according to the influential Reptiles Alive blog, this python species will sometimes attack and eat alligators. They are now reportedly slithering all over Southern Florida because too many people are abandoning them as pets.

If you’ve ever taken any goofy pictures like this, please consider submitting them to my Tacky Tourist Photos blog, which also collects humorous costume photo booth snapshots and any other offbeat travel mementos.


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