Strange Things I Photograph (Part 1) — Sidewalk Squid

New Subject for a Coffee Table Book: The Dead Squids of Philadelphia

(“Strange Things I Photograph” is an ongoing series dedicated to photography subjects that seem intriguing at the time, but dramatically lose their interest as soon as hours later. The dilemma is to either delete the pictures and cheat posterity or to struggle to appreciate their inherent value — both to me and to the world.)

My wife almost ran over this squid with our baby carriage in the historic section of Philadelphia.

Not that it would matter, because the squid was already long dead when we found it.  But in the 90-degree heat, squid goo could potentially cause a serious accident.

How did the squid go from its natural environment to face-down splat on a manhole cover, waiting for his chalk outline?

Was this an unwanted snack hurled from a station wagon by some ungrateful kids?  Or did this poor squid attempt a fruitless landlocked escape?

In any case, you the reader may be the only one who’s left to honor his memory.  Go out and seize the day — be happy you are not this squid!

It Sucks to Be You: No matter how badly your day is going, things can't possibly be as crappy as it is for this squid.

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