Political Fashion Watch: Yet another reason to LOVE the Boston Herald

Will Gov. Patrick's fashion sense influence other politicians to be more daring?

Long before I started writing for the Boston Herald, I have been in love with its front page layout staff. Perhaps it is a symptom of my obsessive hoarding of newsprint, but I seriously have a collection of “classic” Herald covers and back page sports covers.

Mocking Gov. Deval Patrick for his gorgeous purple scarf proves yet again that the Herald is the Boston newspaper with a sense of humor.  Capturing the governor’s pursed lips and look of disdain only reinforces his image as an elitist who looks down upon the gray scarf-wearing masses.

Some might say that Patrick is daring and self-confident to wear purple in a world where politicians stick with the dark blue suit, red tie and gray.

But face it, he looks ridiculous.  If he were wearing it in a tongue-in-cheek context to say, promote Newbury Street Fashion Week, he could pull it off.  Instead, he comes across as a combination of:

  1. Fred, the ascot-wearing Mystery Machine leader on Scooby Doo.
  2. A contestant on Stacy London’s “What Not to Wear.”
  3. A character in a Christopher Guest mockumentary.
  4. A colorful villain on the 1966 Batman series. Both the Riddler and the Penguin favored bright purple in their wardrobes.

If you want the back story on Gov. Patrick’s purple scarf, the Herald is reporting that his wife did not make him wear it.

Boston Herald photo by Matt Stone


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