Why is the Nicaraguan Air Force providing taxi service for the cast of Survivor?

In the Reagan years, there were fears of Nicaragua taking over Central America. Now their biggest victory is getting a cameo on CBS reality shows.

Just saw the season premiere of “Survivor: Redemption Island” and was stunned to see the cast air being taxied to the beach by a Nicaraguan Air Force helicopter. My confidential sources say it is a Soviet-era M-8 Hip military transport helicopter, but don’t quote me.

Soviet Sympathizers? The cast of "Survivor: Redemption Island"

Just why does the Nicaraguan Air Force have the time and resources to provide transportation for American reality TV contestants? Shouldn’t they be guarding Managua’s skies against a potential Costa Rican invasion?

Or aren’t they too busy training for another secret mission over Colorado? (See Jennifer Grey’s heroics in “Red Dawn.”)

Something suspicious is going on, and I hope Jeff Probst isn’t a double agent.

Red Dawn: Lea Thompson and Jennifer Grey would not approve of "Survivor: Redemption Island."

Intrigued? Also see: “MLK would have shrugged at Survivor segregation stunt



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2 responses to “Why is the Nicaraguan Air Force providing taxi service for the cast of Survivor?

  1. pedro

    The Nicaraguan Air Force, has time cause we are at peace not at war. Nicaragua, is a peacefull place as a matter a fact it is concider the safest country in Central America, regardlass of the other political crap going on around here.. Maybe one day you’ll come down and enjoy it for week or so. The U.S. dollars and Euro, damn near doubles out here, so you can do a lo t more with a lot less. That s probably the reaons Surviver, came out here… any way’s great picture of the helicopter.

  2. Tom Hickey MD

    Around 1991 the Sandinista party lost the elections in Nicaragua, but retained control of the Armed Forces. A Sandinista-inspired strike against the national airline included some minor sabotage of aircraft, effectively putting the state airline out of business. The Sandinista Air Force took over the commercial air travel business. In 1992 I was on the inaugral commercial flight, as part of a medical mission to Puerto Cabezas on the Mosquito Coast. The flight from Managua was on an Antonov twin turboprop military transport, with all the American doctors and nurses on the long plastic bench along the right side of the aircraft, faced by a detachment of suspicious Sandinista soldiers, not surprisingly on the left bench. There were round holes on the bench where presumably seat belts used to be. Cargo including steel desks, bicycles and boxes were in a loose pile in the space between the two benches. A skinny woman in a microskirt clambered back and forth over the pile of cargo handing out unidentifiable snacks we were afraid to eat. The pilot shared the cockpit with his grade school age daughters. Instrument markings were in Russian, with tapes underneath in English, for the Spanish-speaking crew. We were glad to get off the plane.

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