The United Countries of Baseball

The United Countries of Baseball, according to Nike.

I discovered this brilliant Nike poster four years after the fact, but it still resonates with me. Heck, I’m still enamored by their Ken Griffey Jr. for President campaign.

Click on the picture above for an enlarged version. The demographics are fascinating:

  • Why do the Arlington Rangers, who were still nobodies in 2007, enjoy a wider berth of Texas than the Houston Astros?
  • The St. Louis Cardinals seem to be imperialistic, taking up far more territory beyond Missouri. Perhaps an aerial attack from Wrigley might contain their ambitions.
  • Ditto for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Have they staked a claim of all of Appalachia?
  • I’m just not buying that the Washington National have any fans, let alone encroaching on most of the Orioles’ turf.
  • Why do the White Sox and the Mets get treated like second-class citizens?
  • I know for a fact that the Mariners own much of Idaho, too.
  • It would suck living in a region without a Major League Baseball team, May as well be living overseas.

Can any baseball fans out there point out any geographical inaccuracies here?  Or explain any of my conundrums?


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3 responses to “The United Countries of Baseball

  1. I’d say that the Blue Jays own all of Canada, since that’s their only team. Also, the Nationals are HUGE in Utah.

  2. cultureschlock

    Well, even when the Expos were there, hockey fans just weren’t filling the ballpark in the summer.

  3. Jonathan

    The A’s seem a bit overrepresented – as do the Angels as they are kind of like the Clippers of baseball.

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