Nostalgic Torture

pilgrim village plymouth tourists

PURITAN JUSTICE: Old-fashioned parenting skills shared at Plimoth Plantation.

Our friends over at Tacky Tourist Photos were kind enough to publish this childhood snapshot from our 1978 family visit to Plimouth Plantation.

I’m the troublemaker in the leather jacket trying to burst free. Brother Kevin deserves the Oscar for his realistic facial anguish. Or is that delight?

There’s something extremely disturbing about Mom’s clenched fist. Doesn’t she know that the stockades were 100 percent about public humiliation and not about violence or increasing chiropractor bills?

Apparently, these nostalgic torture sessions are still popular at Colonial Williamsburg and DisneyWorld, but not in Plymouth any more. The Pilgrim buffs explained why on their Facebook fan page:

Plimoth Plantation: Love the photo! We realized that they wouldn’t have been there in 1627, so that is why they are not in the Village anymore However, you may have inspired us to add them again outside the Village, as a fun photo opp. Who doesn’t love putting the family in stocks?!”

Perhaps one of the most bizarre homages to this sadistic Medieval practice comes in the form of a t-shirt.


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