Keeping Fat People off the Roller Coaster

Warning sign at Six Flags New England Amusement Park

What exactly are “unique body proportions?”  Someone with a three-foot-long neck?

A well-endowed woman who’s off the charts at Victoria’s Secret?  Someone whose rear-end is shaped like an octagon (not compatible with rectangle seats)?

Of course, this language came out of the Six Flags legal department. But they’re not sparing any feelings with the euphemism for obese.

How about replacing these signs with three words:


Most people are smart enough to avoid situations that will put them (and others) in peril. And cutting straight to the chase will prevent a lot of headaches and embarrassment. Luckily, I’ve never been “unique” enough to get kicked off a ride, but I’m very careful not to sit on dollhouse furniture.

Here’s how Hershey Park handles the same diplomatic situation:

Yeah, there must be TONS of people turned away for being too tall.

(Also see: UNEXPECTED DANGERS at an amusement park near you….)

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One response to “Keeping Fat People off the Roller Coaster

  1. Matt

    Depending on what ride the Hersheypark sign was on, height MAY have been an issue (in addition to weight). Some of the over-the-shoulder restraints will not accommodate taller riders. The Great Bear had this problem, as did a few of the other coasters, and at least one smaller ride–The Claw simply would NOT handle taller riders at all.

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