Newt in a Tree

What happens when you get on the wrong side of an obsessed (and vengeful) liberal neighbor.

Just for kicks, I recently staked Newt Gingrich for President yard signs on the lawns of two diehard Democrat friends who consider Newt to be the antiChrist.

This was a covert operation, under the cloak of darkness and with my engine shut off, and I must say there was perfect execution.  No physical damage was done to either lawn (minus the two pinprick holes in the soil), but certainly emotional damage was inflicted.

Both friends instantly knew it was me.  Friend A called me and exchanged a few hahas and that was that. Friend B vowed revenge.

And revenge came with a ladder, as he snuck one in my front yard in the middle of the night and wired the Newt sign tightly around a high branch of our Maple tree. I don’t put political signs of any kind in my yard, but I clearly deserved this stunt. Much to his disappointment, I was able to yank this down with a single jump.

So on the eve of a projected Newt Gingrich victory in South Carolina, how do I up the ante with my neighbor?

Perhaps flock his yard Pink Flamingo style?

Please take my Yard Sign Revenge Poll and help me decide my next step:

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