A modeling career is born…

This goofy Anne of Green Gables costume has certainly been a PR bonanza for my pet travel humor project, earning prime real estate in The Boston Globe, on NPR and the CBC (we’ll have to impress the Canadian media with a Dudley Do-Right tribute next).

But you, Manchester Union-Leader, have won my heart.

It’s my first ever magazine cover!

Thank you, NH Weekend magazine for previewing my “Exploring America’s Tackiest Tourist Photos” exhibit and presentation at the Amherst Public Library. We’re expecting a SRO crowd. 🙂

Here’s what I love about the cover:

1. The Academy Awards are briefly teased, but hey, they aren’t really that special compared to the guy in the green dress.

2. The graphic artist took the time to layer the photograph with the magazine logo. This might seem like a no-brainer with print design, but newspapers are SO understaffed and overworked these days that I’m impressed that someone still cares about the nuances.

3. The photo editor chose not to crop out my favorite KEEN sandals, the most comfortable footwear ever. Though I am wondering if fashionwise, I may have been better off wearing a pair of Vibram FiveFingers?

4. I appreciate that FINALLY the mainstream media is realizing that Tacky Tourist Photos is not just about the chuckles and guffaws. There is a significant educational component, too.

BTW, if you, too, want to look like Anne of Green Gables (there’s no shame in admitting it), the best place to fulfill your dream is the Cavendish Figurines costume booth at the Confederation Bridge connecting New Brunswick with Prince Edward Island.

Be sure to tell Jeannette that Darren sent you!

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