The Joy of Broken Ribs: Why I can humbly claim to be the Tom Brady, Carlton Fisk and Kerri Strug of Experiential Journalism

What do athletes Carlton Fisk, Kerri Strug, Tom Brady and Darren Garnick all have in common? -- They don't let a mere broken bone derail their destiny.

So, yeah, it might be a bit cocky to publicly declare myself to be Carlton Fisk, Tom Brady and Kerri Strug all rolled into one, but I have to get some kind of return on my $200 rib X-ray.

Weekend Warriors: Why run in the mud for free when you can pay for the privilege?

My endless fascination with Mud Races spills out on the pages of New Hampshire Magazine this month.  Find out why when I learned that I broke a rib in the Warrior Dash, I was insanely and inexplicably happy.

Click on the links below for the PDF recap (I’m still stubbornly clinging to the charms of print layout):

Joy of Broken Ribs — Part 1

Joy of Broken Ribs — Part 2

And then hop on over to New Hampshire Magazine to see how, where and when YOU can ruin your best pair of sneakers this summer!

P.S. Yes, I do know that Kerri Strug broke an ankle in the Olympics and not her ribs. Nevertheless, I am honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as her (even though I wrote that sentence).

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