How to impress a prospective employer during a job interview – Part One

Pregnancy For Two: Pose in an Empathy Belly once and the pictures will keep resurfacing forever…

Just found out from a friend on Facebook that a 2007 picture of me and my wife Stacy has been dubbed the #2 “Weirdest Maternity Photo Ever” by Parenting Magazine. I suspect that the “weirdest” label has been applied to the guy in the pregnancy suit and not the real pregnant person.

However, if you click through Parenting Magazine’s slideshow, I would argue that we are the most “normal” people there — even without any explanation whatsoever.

The real backstory: I wore an Empathy Belly for 24 hours a few weeks before the birth of our daughter — and chronicled the experience for The Boston Herald (and subsequent pregnancy diaries). I was told by the Empathy Belly inventor that I beat out Regis Philbin for the longevity record, but this claim could not be confirmed.

I wonder how these photos might be used if I ever run for political office.

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