New Hampshire Bigfoots are Smarter Than Montana Bigfoots

The Ghillie hunting suit makes you blend in with the weeds.

It’s something we all teach our kids: Don’t play in the street.

Perhaps that warning is no longer enough.  Based on what happened to 44-year-old Randy Lee Tenley, of Kalispell, Montana, earlier this week, we need to be more specific.


According to news reports, Tenley was trying to frighten a few motorists by pretending to be Bigfoot on U.S. 93.  The cars were not scared. They thought they were running over a pile of grass.

And now, this is Mr. Tenley’s legacy — an obituary waiting to be matched by the next guy who drowns in a Loch Ness Monster suit.

When I covered the Bigfoot Supreme Court case for Fast Company, I scoffed at the state of New Hampshire’s assessment that a Bigfoot impersonator might endanger others.

But I guess New Hampshire Bigfoots are much smarter than Montana Bigfoots. If you’re curious about the legal implications of channeling your inner monster, click on the Sasquatch clip below:

P.S. Should you be tempted, as I was, to invest two hours of your life in the new SyFy Bigfoot movie starring Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce, go grab a book instead. I expected the movie to be so-bad-it’s-good in a Showgirls kind of way. But the acting is just plain pitiful.



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