Meet the Most Selfish Artist in America

Unselfish Artist

Unselfish Artist.

Willey Pond, a historic nature preserve and ice cream stand at the base of Mount Willey, attracts its share of picnicking families, birdwatchers, artists and assorted riffraff.

The artists are diehard, lugging around more gear than a hockey goalie. Some of them pitch tents and camp out for the day, although most are content with a smaller umbrella rigged to their folding chair.

Personally, I would rather complete my paint-by-numbers set in a secured air-conditioned environment, but God bless those creative types who thrive while mosquitos feast on their toes. Except for this woman:

Selfish Artist

Selfish Artist.

There’s a hiking path around Willey Pond that is specifically designed for hikes.

However, this Picasso decided that her vantage point was so important that her easel and chair needed to be staked out in the middle of the path.  Actually, it’s not really “the middle,” because her artistic footprint is taking up more than 100 percent of the trail width.

I walked around this woman and even said “excuse me,” but in retrospect I wish I had politely asked if she were intentionally being a selfish bastard or if she were unaware of this talent.

(I’m a big fan of obscure superlatives. If you’re in a browsing mood, check out the Most Demented Toy of the Year.)


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