Joy of Broken Ribs Part 2 – Embracing my Peruvian Olympic Brother

In Solidarity -- For

In Solidarity — For Roberto Carcelen (Rib by Darren Garnick).

Anyone who’s ever suffered a broken rib knows how useless the medical profession is in that scenario. You can’t put a cast on a rib. And you can’t “rest” it since lung expansion is constant and vital.

The doctor’s advice is essentially “Suck it up.”

Peruvian cross-country skier Roberto Carcelen just finished last at the Sochi Olympics, but he did so with the weight of a million cinder blocks on his chest. He trudged 15K with a broken rib, earning the respect of the race’s Swiss gold medalist Dario Cologna, who waited 28 minutes to give him a hug.

What the media didn’t report is that Carcelen earned my respect as well.

I finished the Warrior Dash with a broken rib. That’s my rib in the X-Ray above. My crappy health insurance company didn’t think that X-Rays were important enough to cover, so I am getting my $200 worth now.

When I crawled across a rope net bridge with my broken rib, I had no idea it was broken. I thought my earlier fall was like a football injury I could brush off.  Had I known it was broken, I probably would have been smart and gone straight for the beer tent.

But if I were in the Olympics, I hope I would have done what Roberto did.  And his guts was matched only by the Swiss guy’s class. You don’t see that happen often in sports at any level.

That hug must have hurt though.

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