Running for the People Who Can’t Run Anymore

One Run Map

Last year, I helped with the publicity for One Run For Boston, a phenomenal 24/7 cross-country relay to honor and help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

This year, I’m getting off my ass and running.

It’s “just” the last four-mile leg from Harvard University to the Boston Esplanade and I’ll be joined by my two nephews and a few friends who are world-class athletes (compared to me).

I’m running because I’m pissed off.

People shouldn’t wake up in the morning excited to go to a fun event and go home with a fake leg or pressure cooker shrapnel stuck in their head. My friend Jennifer Levitz wrote a gripping story for the Wall Street Journal about the lifelong challenges of the Boston Marathon amputees that will last far beyond the headlines.


I’m grateful that I have legs.

If you are, too, please consider chipping in a few bucks to the One Fund at my ORFB fundraising page.

Darren Garnick Tires Mud Run

I love the above picture, which was snapped by the talented photographer Jay Hinspeter at a Warrior Dash mud run.  I love it because it simultaneously captures my running style and attitude about running.

I run like a tank. I usually have a pissed off look on my face and a feeling that nothing can get in my way. I will not, however, run over small pets or children.

Running is not and has never been fun for me. But I value the long-term return on a short-term sacrifice — results that I’ve never been able to duplicate on an exercise machine.

Every time I lace up my sneakers, I think of those who cannot run anymore.

Please think of them, too — with your wallet.



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