Thank you for supporting One Run For Boston!


The Garnick Olympic Trials: At the One Run For Boston Finish Line with my nephews Kyle and Kurtis.

Thanks so much to everyone who supported my run last Sunday in One Run For Boston, the 24/7 cross-country relay to honor and help victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.  I did the last four-mile stretch of the course with my nephews and friends Jay and George, and as promised, ran like a tank.


You can retroactively sponsor my run and help the One Fund through April 30, 2014 by double clicking on the unstoppable “tank” above.

I am not one of those dreamy-eyed people who talk about how running brings them to a zen-like state where they can think about rainbow-sipping unicorns and world peace. I hate running. But it’s the exercise that makes me feel the most immediate results so I keep forging ahead — results that just can’t be duplicated on any machine.





The Four-Miler Team at the Harvard University Boathouse in Cambridge. I’m in the navy blue Red Sox shirt under the window on the left.

As anticipated, this was a wonderful experience. It was very moving to cross the real Boston Marathon Finish Line (I thought we were wrapping up at some random spot in Copley Square because of traffic concerns) and it was awesome that they closed off the bridge from Cambridge to Boston so that it could be packed with only runners.


My running guru Jay Hinspeter crossing into the Promised Land in his Bruins Stanley Cup shirt.

I wish I had started training two weeks or three weeks earlier though. My body felt like it was run over by a tank.


An unexpected cameo on the 6 o’clock news: I’m directly under the “H” in John Hancock’s signature. By mere happenstance, I bumped into my friend Ursula (in black, checking her cell phone) who I used to work with at a video production house.

This scene above is what the day was all about. The Boston Marathon should be about running, period.



This woman also triumphantly posing on the concrete barrier was watching at the Finish Line last year when the bombs went off. Her 7-year-old son was hit with a piece of shrapnel in the leg.  He’s okay, and apparently, so is she.

There are moms and kids who won’t be able to say that Monday.

(Donate to One Run For Boston before April 30, and while you’re at it, check out some more photos from last Sunday’s race.)



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