May The Creative Force Be With You

Darren-Garnick-Elementary School-Drawing-r2d2

“Artoo-Detoo” – Mixed Media: Ink and Crayon (1977)

I don’t have a countdown clock for Star Wars VII and I’ve never cared whether Han Solo or Greedo Shot First, but it’s fair to say that my elementary school years were dominated by George Lucas.

Recently unearthing this early R2-D2 drawing from my archives reminded me of my all-time favorite activity: Standing up Star Wars figures (friend and foe) on a stone wall and pegging them down with a tennis ball. A variation of this theme was tying Star Wars figures to my skateboard (yes, I really used one) and sliding them down the big hill on my street. My goal was to see how well they survived the crash at the end, although miraculously my skateboard never collided with a Cadillac (thank God).

I also had an addiction to Topps Star Wars cards that rivaled my baseball card obsession.

Star Wars trash compactor card

Princess Leia Captured

The difference between baseball cards and Star Wars cards is that baseball cards never used exclamation points!

Looking over this memorabilia recharges my militant stance that this movie is still the first Star Wars and that it is not “Episode 4.”

Anyone who disagrees risks being tied to a skateboard.


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