My cherished “Academic Fitness Award” certified by the Reagan Administration:



A regional Emmy nomination for Best Documentary for “Beyond Kitty Hawk,” our aviation film for WGBH:



The National Sprint Car Hall of Fame‘s “Golden Wheel Award” for Best Feature Documentary.

A flattering tribute to my greasemonkey days producing “Hell Drivers: America’s Crash Test Dummies.”


Honorary Knighthood from the King Richard’s Medieval Faire in Carver, Massachusetts.

I was bestowed this honor for hitting the bell at the Strongman booth. However, I had to type my own name on the certificate after the fact. Apparently, laser printing was not around during the Renaissance.


Tootsie Pop’s “Clean Stick Award” for finishing one of their lollipops without biting it (an homage to the classic Mr. Owl commercial):


Never been prouder of an intellectual achievement…


One response to “Awards

  1. Kevin Garnick

    Great CNN and CBS interviews! You all looked and sounded great!

    Kevin & Kelly

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