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Does Your Bathroom Smell Like the Grand Canyon?


Walmart and AirWick have brought the sensations of hiking to your bathroom. (Double click to enlarge image).

Time to take the “natural” out of nature hikes.

This ad just popped up in my email inbox this morning and the marketing concept blows me away. Artificial fragrances to replicate the fresh air scents of America’s National Parks.  Depending on what time of year you go, and which parking lot you’re stuck in, they should add “RV Exhaust” to their choice of flavors.

No more generic pine tree scents. Your smelly gym locker room can now be a place to meditate and marvel at God’s miracles.


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Baseball Records of Another Kind — When the Spaceman Was the Posterboy For Stereo Speakers

Just stumbled across this advertising masterpiece in my 1975 Boston Red Sox souvenir program, the same precious archive that stores the Bob Montgomery denim leisure suit from Jordan Marsh.

Spaceman Stereos

Spaceman Stereos

Strangely, I never knew the real origins of Bill Lee’s “Spaceman” nickname. But it’s the “cool guy” hat (reminiscent of Rudy from Fat Albert) and the turntable that make me smile.

Bill Lee has long been a media darling for saying what’s on his mind, demonstrated on this autographed baseball below:

Staying (Kinda) Classy -- Red Sox legend Bill Lee sometimes autographs baseballs "Yankees Suck Pond H2O."

Former Red Sox star Bill Lee sometimes autographs baseballs “Yankees Suck Pond H2O.”

I caught up with Lee recently for an Atlantic Magazine story on the waning Red Sox-Yankees T-Shirt War.

This quote from our conversation has nothing to do with stereo speakers or 1970s fashion, but it sums up life:

“Without rivalries, there is no game,” Lee adds. “You have to respect your opponent, but when your opponent is down, you must step on them and never let them get up. You want to make sure the enemy isn’t still breathing.”

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Pamela Lee pulls a Wile E. Coyote

Pam Anderson's pro-veggie campaign in Israel reads "Every Living Thing Has the Same Organs."

After going all biblical outside Tel Aviv’s Buddha Burgers vegetarian restaurant last year, Pamela Lee Anderson was recently back in Israel to promote her provocative anti-meat pin-up posters for PETA.

Surely this isn’t PETA’s intent, but the first thing I think of when I see Ms. Anderson’s labeled body parts is the classic Looney Tunes cartoon in which Wile E. Coyote reveals an anatomical chart of the Road Runner explaining the bird’s different flavors.

Wile E. Coyote prepares a slide presentation to explain the culinary appeal of the Road Runner. Had he made this presentation today, he likely would have used Microsoft PowerPoint.

The 1965 film is called “Zip Zip Hooray” and as a Culture Schlock exclusive, you are about to learn the 19 distinct flavors of the Road Runner. You won’t find this information transcribed anywhere else on the Web. Not on YouTube, not on Wikipedia, not on Epicurious. It’s just one of those extra services we provide for our readers.

So to bring you up to speed — Beep! Beep! — the Coyote is in hot pursuit of the Road Runner when he suddenly stops and addresses the questions from two little boys watching the action on TV. Wile E. Coyote breaks through the so-called “Fourth Wall” and explains that the Road Runner is an exquisite melange (my words, not his) of flavors.

Love the British spelling of licorice!

For the record, here are the 19 Different Flavors of the Road Runner:

1. Banana (Head Crest)
2. Asparagus (Head Crest)
3. Papaya (Head Crest)
4. Liquorice (Head Crest)
5. Vanilla (Head Crest)
6. Sponge Cake (Beak)
7. Celery (Neck)
8. Candied Yam (Tail)
9. Caramel (Tail)
10. Salami (Windpipe)
11. Tamale (Chest)
12. Chop Suey (Tail)
13. Noodle (Abdomen)
14. Pork Chop (Thigh)
15. Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese (Knee)
16. Double Martini (Calf)
17. Bratwurst (Ankles)
18. Yorkshire Pudding (Heel)
19. Pistachio (Foot)

We’re a PG-rated site, so we’ll leave the Different Flavors of Pamela Lee Anderson for other researchers.  Even if you’ve seen “Zip Zip Hooray,” it’s well worth watching again!

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Political Fish Fry: Mr. Limpet Runs for Congress

I usually trash 95 percent of all political advertising that clogs my mailbox without reading it. Congrats to the League of Conservation Voters for breaking through the junk mail and making me laugh.

Former U.S. Rep. Charlie Bass had a very privileged childhood, but I’m sure he was called Bigmouth Bass on the playground. Probably lots of hokey jokes about him “taking the bait,” too.

There’s nothing really clever about using the fish metaphor to try to drown Charlie’s comeback bid for Congress, but the fish with eyeglasses bit amuses me every time. Maybe because fish don’t have ears.

The "make extinct" language is a bit harsh, even for cutthroat politics.

If this election season were longer, the Democrats could have brought those singing Big Mouth Billy Bass toys to campaign events — or at least the McDonalds Filet-o-Fish knockoffs.

But the real reason the fish-with-eyeglasses campaign resonates with me is that I am a huge fan of The Incredible Mr. Limpet, the bespectacled cartoon fish who fights the Nazis.

The Incredible Mr. Limpet helped the U.S. Navy locate Nazi submarines.

Looks like Mr. Limpet is trying to make a comeback, too, with a Hollywood remake.

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