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Fame is Fleeting

Moving Up on the Charts! (Click image to enlarge)

My two Runaway Bridesmaids Race stories (Preview Story/Race Coverage) hit the Men’s Fitness charts as the Number 2 and Number 3 most popular training articles.

Very proud to climb over the “Tough Mudder’s 20 Most Badass Obstacles,” but don’t think I’ll have the steam to overcome the “Top Workout Songs from Body By Jake.”

Although dreams do sometimes come true.


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New Career Goal: Become the November or December cover model for Men’s Fitness magazine

Runaway Bridesmaids: Remember that old Sesame Street game… One of these runners is not like the others. (Click to enlarge image)

So here’s my new career goal: Get on the cover of Men’s Fitness AND score an endorsement deal with Clif Bar, the best energy bar EVER. Check out my eyewitness account to the most dynamic road race in sports today: The Runaway Bridesmaids competition in New York’s 5th Avenue Mile.

The Finish Line scene was classic.

Slowed Down By Satin? Could the heavy fabric on the purple dress be responsible for me finishing microseconds behind #8230 and #8231?

Here’s the back story.

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