Be a Better Gator


Mascot lessons learned from my brief apprenticeship with full-time
Canaligator Steve Nicholson…

1. Stretch Your Snout — Prying open the jaw a few
times before the game improves visibility.

2. Minimize Bathroom Breaks — Balance your need for
hydration with the inconvenience of snaps, hooks and zippers.

3. Avoid Quick Turns — Unintentionally smacking the
gator head into people is a common mistake.

4. Look Down Below — Do your best to avoid
stepping on toddlers.

5. Feel Your Steps – When climbing stairs, kick your
claw toes into the risers to ensure stable footing.

6. Bow Your Head For Photos — Holding your real
head in the natural position makes it look like the Canaligator is
looking up at the sky.

7. Be Careful With Velcro — The costume’s
Velcro will rip your leg hair out at the roots.

8. Don’t Be Caught Headless — Having children see a
decapitated Canaligator is a major no-no!


Click here for the inside scoop on the men and women inside the alligator costumes for the Boston Red Sox Single-A affiliate!


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