Labor of Love: 24 Hours of Male Pregnancy


Two weeks before my daughter was born, I strapped on a pregnancy suit called “The Empathy Belly,” and chronicled my experiences for the Boston Herald.

I participated in a birthing class, went to restaurants in the suit (surprisingly difficult to pull a chair close to the table), and even slept in it. Although there is no way to prove what people do in the privacy of their own homes, the inventor of The Empathy Belly told me she believed I wore it for the longest consecutive period of time. I was the record holder.

Not so fast, my wife Stacy reminded me.

She was experiencing pregnancy far longer than a measley 24 hours. And her suit would only come off in the delivery room.

Fully acknowledging that Stacy is much tougher than me, I did learn why so many pregnant women find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Later, I was flattered by the hip feminist Broadsheet scribes at, who marveled at my maternity adventure and wondered how many health waiver forms I’d have to sign if I had opted to be empathetic for nine months.

Equally touching, I was knighted by parenting expert and pop culture guru Meredith O’Brien as an “Honorary Boston Mommy.”



Dive in with the original Herald story: “Labor of Love: Dad tries ‘Belly’ on for size.”

Then, check out the even more irreverent “Diary of a Pregnant Guy,” which tackles the psychology and social ramifications of wearing an Empathy Belly on the street and at the movies.

Still can’t get enough? Well, take a look at these hilarious graphics and charts designed by my talented friends at the Boston Herald.

If you are interested in getting pregnant yourself, in this fully reversible way, you can contact the makers of The Empathy Belly here.

Be advised though, that they sell these suits for educational purposes only. You can’t rent them out for Halloween, bachelorette parties, weddings or Bar Mitzvahs.


POSTSCRIPT: What’s up with the pregnant Scott Baio imagery? Copycat!

5 responses to “Labor of Love: 24 Hours of Male Pregnancy

  1. zakstar

    you’ve been more pregnant than I ever want to be

  2. I do give you much props for your empathy. BUT, keep in mind that pregnancy not only includes the extra “weight” of a belly and larger breasts. There’s the frequent trips to the restroom in the middle of the night and a thousand times a day, as well as morning sickness (which I’ve been lucky enough to avoid), stretch marks, and we’re not even to the grueling part of labor. *LOL*

    With that being said, I do think that you are much more sympathetic than most husbands who just say, “It’ll all be over soon, honey.”

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  5. Diane

    Can you tell me where I can rent one. We are giving our Son-In-Law a Daddy Shower with a lot of gag gifts while at the same time we are givin g our Daughter a Baby Shower and wanted him to where it

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