Tough Rich Guy kills African cape buffalo for enjoyment of other rich guys

Since eBay doesn’t store their auctions forever, here is a screenshot and description from Auction Number 370106215970 titled, “FROM THE NYSE LUNCHEON CLUB * CAPE BUFFALO HEAD MOUNT.”


Note the $1,200 asking price. And note the description that boasts about all the rich, spoiled stockbrokers who have stared into this buffalo’s vacant glass eyes:




“This African trophy mount has been on display at the historic New York Stock Exchange Luncheon Club since 1985. This is a rare and final opportunity to own a piece of history from one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. In 1898, a group of powerful individuals including industrialists, stockbrokers, and investors founded the Stock Exchange Luncheon Club located on the seventh floor of 11 Wall Street in Manhattan. The club served as an elegant refuge from the chaos of the NYSE trading floor. Early members included J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, Jay Gould and other monarchs of the industrial revolution. After 110 years and two market crashes, the club is sadly closing its doors forever. The buffalo was taken in Zimbabwe by a NYSE member in 1984 and donated to the Luncheon Club a year later. There is a crease at the tip of both ears that is easily repairable and the overall condition is very good as the taxidermy work was done in the USA.”

An African cape buffalo slaughtered by Red Sox legend Ted Williams (more famous than the cumulative fame of a thousand of those NYSE members) only fetched $550 at a recent auction.

Go figure.


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