Aside from photographing babies on the campaign trail, Darren has produced three election documentaries for PBS, along with his talented filmmaking buddies Al Ward and Peter Koziell at AWARD Productions. Their provocative film, “Crashing The Parties,” inspired this Harvard JFK School of Government Forum exploring the presidential bids of third party and independent candidates. (Darren is pictured on the right with the bearded and skinnier incarnation of ex-Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura.)



Meet the first “Welcome Back Kotter” presidential candidate…
Longshot Fred Karger’s Frisbee-lined bid for the White House.

How would employers react to seeing the KKK on your resume?
The dirtbag legacy of U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd

What’s it like to be a telemarketing grunt in a presidential campaign phone bank?
——- “My 75 minutes dialing for Mitt-Mentum”

Cardboard Obama trounces Cardboard Hillary…
—— “My goofy photo-op poll proves to be just as inaccurate as the experts”

If you have to launch a “likability campaign,” for God’s sake, don’t admit it!
—— “Inside Hillary Clinton’s charm offensive”

Meet the only anarchist I’ve ever liked…
—— “Republicans chased by ‘King of the Rats.'”

Straight from the Mitt Romney playbook, Miss America hopefuls now backstab their home states for cheap laughs…
—— “Miss NH leaves pageant with dignity intact”

Rudy Giuliani immortalized as a PEZ dispenser…
—— and other unexpected goodies from the 2008 election.

Vain or not, would Warren Beatty make a good president?

—— 10 Reasons Why He Belongs in the White House.

At the height of the Iraq War, terrorist thugs fooled the world media by presenting a military action figure as a real hostage. Matt Drudge is given credit for exposing the photo hoax before the Pentagon. But in reality, a toy collector did.                                    —– “Action figure collector exposes Iraq hostage hoax.

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