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Holy Estrogen! Batman With Breasts?


Too Pretty to Be Batman?

I was in Double Midnight Comics over the weekend and was thrilled to stumble across what I thought was one of my favorite action figures from childhood. Readers of this blog are familiar with my love for all things 1966 Batman, and it was awesome to see Adam West make a comeback in the toy aisle.

But wait a minute: Aren’t those eyes a little too bright and cheery to be Batman’s?  Hey, are those girl’s eyes? — and doesn’t it look a little like there are breasts protruding underneath the bat logo?  Continue reading

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So I guess I’m not THE world’s biggest fan of the 1966 Batman…

Someone with a Sharpie has WAY too much time on his hands. And am I assuming the graffiti artist is male? Absolutely. There is NO way this was done by a woman. Not part of their DNA.

Yeah, defacing public property is wrong. And graffiti is the scourge of modern times.


But I can still admire the cleverness and creativity of this anonymous Picasso, whose work is being spread through those viral emails I usually delete without reading.

The population of Adam West fans is rapidly aging and I suspect that 95 percent of the people walking on this wet floor didn’t fully understand the reference.

Batman himself, who was always teaching Robin about the importance of good citizenship, would not have been flattered.

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My choice to succeed doomed Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak

King Tut, the Yale Egyptology professor stuck in a state of amnesia/delusion after being hit on the head during student riots.


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