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What No One Dares to Tell You About Whitewater Rafting


Earlier this week, I enjoyed my first father-son whitewater trip with U.S. Rafting in West Forks, Maine. My 11-year-old daredevil is wearing the blue helmet. I’m the grimacing guy with the red helmet and yellow oar.

Although every photograph shows me snarling, I loved the experience and felt it provided just enough of an adrenaline rush. The Class III and IV rapids on the Upper Kennebec River almost tossed me from the boat a few times, so I fully respect the power of nature and feel no need to graduate to their “Extreme Whitewater Adventures.”

If you double click on the pic below, you’ll see that the guy is the black helmet is smiling for the camera. Absolutely insane that he could be posing for photos while our fate depends on the power of his paddling.


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