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Thanks for Giving the Troops Cavities :)


Halloween candy donations from family, friends and co-workers.

Special thanks to everyone – especially my awesome and generous co-workers – for giving up their sugary treats to share with U.S. troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere this holiday season.

My office colleagues donated 42 pounds (!) of Halloween candy based on just one internal email – and the manager of my local CVS kindly sold me 30 pounds of M&Ms at a buck a pound, about 75 percent off their list price.

Here’s a scene from this past weekend of jamming hundreds of USPS boxes with goodies:


Sorting holiday packages at the New Hampshire National Guard Armory.

According to Operation Care For Troops NH, we shipped out exactly 4,751 Christmas stockings stuffed with treats and cards.

Maybe this could become an annual post-Halloween tradition… If you’re interested in helping out with the Valentine’s Day packing event, follow the Operation Care Facebook page.

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Send a U.S. Soldier a Snickers!

Halloween Candy for the Troops

WANTED: YOUR SURPLUS HALLOWEEN CANDY! — If you’re in New Hampshire, I’m collecting “extra” candy this week for Operation Care For Troops, a group that sends care packages to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. I’m headed to Target and CVS tomorrow to get bundles of half-price candy — if anyone wants to help, please message me.

Many times I hear that empty phrase “Thank you for your service,” said to U.S. soldiers. I think it’s better to send them Snickers.

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Zit Poppers Candy: The Most Bizarre Brand of All Time?

Not a Wacky Package satire! This was a real product sold in the real candy aisle of Target.

Every box of Zit Poppers candy contains 14 grams of protein! (Click to enlarge Nutrition Facts)

You know how “Showgirls” is allegedly a movie so bad that it’s good?*

Well, there’s no way this candy possibly can be like that.

In the age of nuclear waste candy and vomit-flavored jelly beans, Zit Poppers is just trying too hard to be offensive. This product was from a few Halloweens ago — vital pop culture research, you know — and recently resurfaced during some spring cleaning.

Luckily, the “Oozy Gushy Goo” did not leak out of the package.

No Chef Ghoulicious, you will NOT be the next Pillsbury Doughboy or Orville Redenbacher.

* As an aside, the real “bad” movie that actually is fantastic is Coyote Ugly! Trust me.

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