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Tanks for the Memories: Mike Dukakis and the Perils of Playing Dress-Up

The personalized sticky label on Mike's helmet was a nice touch

The personalized sticky label on Mike's helmet was a nice touch

Can posing for just one Tacky Tourist Photo forever alter the course of American history?

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Lowering the voting age … to infants?


News headlines don’t lie. Well, okay, sometimes they do.

But this one’s for real: The New Hampshire legislature is strongly considering lowering the presidential primary voting age to 17 — provided that the voter turns 18 by Election Day.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the slippery slope thing kicked in and we dropped the voting age limit altogether? That would allow Dahlia to vote in the 2012 NH Primary!

Heck, many of us already vote like infants anyway. I have a friend, an extremely intelligent friend, who confessed to me that her mother voted for President Bush for only one reason. She liked his mother, Barbara.


Moving on to the rest of the primary season, it is now time to somberly assess the true political impact of Baby Dahlia’s photo-ops with the presidential candidates.It is no coincidence that three out of the four most gentle “baby whisperers” are still in contention to win the White House: Clinton, Obama and McCain.

Being a natural nurturer did little for Dennis Kucinich, however.

February 8th UPDATE: NH Senate approves bill to give teens a vote in primary

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Baby Dahlia — The Drooling Political Pundit?


OK, so Dahlia has already proved that Kung Fu star Chuck Norris might be a better people person than any of the men and women running for president!

Seriously, what else is there in life to discover?

After being cuddled by every politician with a chance to become the most powerful human on earth, Dahlia is now branching out as a political pundit.

Given that these pictures have now been seen by MILLIONS of people, it’s fun to speculate what impact they may be having on the campaigns themselves.

We know that Dahlia didn’t offer much help to Dennis Kucinich, who projected warmth and humanity but just bailed out so he could focus on keeping his Ohio gig.

But Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who both are getting rave reviews from the baby photo pundits, are still very much in the game.

Needless to say, I would love to hear from any campaign workers or volunteers with feedback about their candidate’s Dahlia photo-op.

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