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If Clark Kent Were Created Today, He’d Be a Content Marketing Specialist

Copyediting used to be as important as punching bad guys in the face.

Copyediting used to be as important as punching bad guys in the face.

Motivated by my children’s need to eat, I left the world of print journalism long ago. Maybe saying I “fled” the world of print journalism is more accurate. But I still reflexively cringe every time newspapers take a beating.

Via industry sage Jim Romenesko, I just learned that Newspaper Reporter was just ranked the “Worst Job of 2015” out of 200 professions. Here are the Best and Worst Job Choices of 2015, based on a study by CareerCast.com:

Best Jobs of 2015 vs. How They Fared in 2014 (With Midlevel Income)

1. Actuary (+3) $94,209
2. Audiologist (+3) $71,133
3. Mathematician (-2) $102,182
4. Statistician (-1) $79,191
5. Biomedical Engineer (+7) $89,165
6. Data Scientist (N/A) $124,149
7. Dental Hygienist (-1) $71,102
8. Software Engineer (-1) $93,113
9. Occupational Therapist (no change) $77,114
10. Computer Systems Analyst (-2) $81,150

Worst Jobs of 2015 vs. How They Fared in 2014
200. Newspaper Reporter (-1) $36,267
199. Lumberjack (+1) $34,110
198. Enlisted Military Personnel (no change) $28,840
197. Cook (-2) $42,208
196. Broadcaster (no change) $55,380
195. Photojournalist (-9) $29,267
194. Corrections Officer (-3) $39,163
193. Taxi Driver (+4) $23,118
192. Firefighter (no change) $45,264
191. Mail Carrier (-7) $41,068

The thing is that I wouldn’t want to spend my life doing any of the Top 10 Best Jobs, while four of the Worst Jobs still have tremendous appeal to me. For those of you who worship metrics, here is some more scary data about being a reporter – including the breaking news that it is a stressful and unstable position:

newspaper reporter stats

When I was a kid, all the cool superheroes had journalism gigs for day jobs. Superman, Spider-Man, Green Hornet, Underdog (well, he was a newspaper delivery boy like me). If these superheroes were created today, they’d all be working as content marketing specialists or as social media managers.

Not that there is anything shameful about those jobs – some of my best friends work in content marketing – but I just can’t picture Clark Kent bragging about his click-through rate and Klout score to Lois Lane.


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The Garnick Justice League is now the “SuperFriends & SuperAcquaintances”

Calling All Heroes: The Garnick Justice League is expanding!

Calling All Heroes: The Garnick Justice League is expanding!

The Garnick Justice League is rebranding.

In an effort to be more inclusive and tolerant of non-Garnick runners at the 2013 CHaD Hero Ripcord 5K, I’m recruiting more superheroes and am even open to the idea of people thinking beyond the universe of 1966 Batman characters.

The October 20 event in Hanover, NH, which also includes a half marathon, benefits the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth.

I’ve enjoyed the past two years (as Robin and Spider-Man) and am now selectively recruiting new runners for my “SuperFriends and SuperAcquaintances” team. The real SuperFriends all weren’t BFFs, so I’d like to create a mish-mash of people from every area of my life — mixing high school friends with cousins with co-workers with neighbors (along with their inner circles).

You don’t have to be a die-hard runner (I am not). You can just run the one-miler if you’d like — or even walk. I’m just aiming to surround my daughter, Batgirl, with a fun group of costumed characters.

Please email me at darrengarnick (at) gmail (dot) com if you’d like to join us!

Best part about the run? It’s in October and ideal for running in costume.  I don’t how HOW the Darth Vader guy below runs in California’s Death Valley, which can get into the 130-degree Fahrenheit range. The New Hampshire/Vermont region is much more palatable for being out of breath.

"Darth Valley," California. Double click to learn more about the most insane runner in America.

“Darth Valley,” California. Double click to learn more about the most insane runner in America.

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I’m flattered, but sorry, I am NOT legendary actor Burt Ward!

Comic book writer Darren Garnick (left) chats with a young reader about the nuances of the 1966 Batman TV series during “Free Comic Book Day.”

Ever try to (deliberately) give away your creative work?

As strange as it sounds, there was still competition during “Free Comic Book Day,” the publishing industry’s savvy national promotion to get young kids to put down video games long enough to read a few cartoon panels printed on real paper.

Children of all ages recently got to pick up to 8 free sample titles, including “Yo Gabba Gabba,” “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “SpongeBob,” “Superman,” “Green Lantern,” “Peanuts,” “Star Wars,” and “The Simpsons.”

Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH

So generating interest in “Burt Ward, Boy Wonder,” my time travel adventure story about the actor who played “Robin” in the 1966 Batman TV series, required an enthusiastic sales pitch.

Luckily, I had help from some people in high places to promote the Bluewater Comics release this July:

The Dark Knight explores his sitcom past!

Oh, and there were more character endorsements from heroes who simply can’t wait to see how the Boy Wonder thwarts an evil Plutonian plot to take over the Earth — and a madcap scheme to alter the course of the Revolutionary War by supplementing British forces with robots!

As required by the Comic Book Constitution, the dialogue includes lots of exclamation points!

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Super Thank Yous from the Garnick Justice League!

The Garnick Justice League is comprised of Supergirl, Spider-Man, Golden Age Flash and Boggle Woman.

Many thanks to our family, friends, co-workers and archenemies who made a donation to support the Superhero Fun Run and 5K Walk for Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Irene wiped out hopes for breaking the Guinness World Record for Most Superheroes Gathered in One Place. But of course, the cause remains the focus.

Good News: You can still donate to CHaD under the Garnick Justice League banner until Sept. 9.

CHaD never turns down families because of income or lack of insurance. Here’s where the money goes.

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Support the Garnick Justice League for Children’s Hospital

Yes, comic book geeks, we do know that Marvel superheroes were not part of the Justice League!

This Saturday, if Hurricane Irene doesn’t turn New Hampshire into a pile of toothpicks, there will be a Guinness Book of World Records attempt for “Most Superheroes in One Place.”

I’m a sucker for Guinness Records, having recently been lured to participate in the World Dental Flossing Record event at the Lowell Spinners baseball game.

My son Ari (aka Golden Age Flash) and I (aka Spider-Man) will be huffing and puffing in the CHaD Hero Fun Run to benefit Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth. The Garnick Justice League team would appreciate your support.

Even if we are picking up pine tree limbs off our street this weekend instead of running around with hundreds of Batmans and Wonder Women, your donations still will make a huge difference in kids’ lives.

Thank you!

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