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Jeb Bush Thinks Supergirl is “Hot” (Maybe We Picked the Wrong Year for the Superhero Primary!)


Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush named Supergirl as his favorite superhero at a campaign appearance last week, telling his audience that actress Melissa Benoist “looked pretty hot.”

During the 2012 New Hampshire Primary, I guided my then 9-year-old son on the campaign trail as he asked the candidates about their favorite superhero and why.

Bush’s predecessors were a lot more careful with their answers. Take a look:

I know his campaign ended badly, but Herman Cain’s Kryptonite answer and the warmth of his response still makes me smile. (You can read my original analysis of our Superhero Primary at The Atlantic.)

In any case, Ari and I are also looking forward to watching Supergirl, which was created by the same producers as “The Flash,” our can’t-miss-show-of-the-moment!



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The Difference Between Boys and Girls: The Superheroine Perspective


My niece just taught me something about the core difference between how boys and girls pursue imaginative play.

A boy’s superhero shirt would show two musclebound guys beating the crap out of each other. There’s no hint of sentimentality or social inclinations — just pure kicking ass.

You would never see Batman and Superman talking about how much their friendship means to them. They would rather die alone.

On another note, when did Batgirl and Wonder Woman start wearing so much pink?

And lastly, I’m proud to say that the oversized Humvee Jeep in the background was a gift from Uncle Darren — apparently it’s being used to transport some VIP Disney Princesses around the living room.

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Super Thank Yous from the Garnick Justice League!

The Garnick Justice League is comprised of Supergirl, Spider-Man, Golden Age Flash and Boggle Woman.

Many thanks to our family, friends, co-workers and archenemies who made a donation to support the Superhero Fun Run and 5K Walk for Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth.

Unfortunately, Hurricane Irene wiped out hopes for breaking the Guinness World Record for Most Superheroes Gathered in One Place. But of course, the cause remains the focus.

Good News: You can still donate to CHaD under the Garnick Justice League banner until Sept. 9.

CHaD never turns down families because of income or lack of insurance. Here’s where the money goes.

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