Garnick’s Spectacular Fire Sale (1965) — “Insurance Loss is Your Gain!”

Here are some samples of my business columns and feature stories:


How to Treat Thirsty Fans: Red Sox can learn a lot from Disney.


Cube Chic: Party Planner Turns Offices from “Drab to Fab.”

Double Take: CEO’s funky music woos software clients.

Undercover Bosses: Engaging in needless workplace espionage.

Pretty Ugly: It’s time for employees to stop whining about dress codes.


Cookie Resumes: How to sweet talk your way into a job.

Forbidden fish pedicures make first splash in New England.

Emergency Bra” doubles as safe breathing mask.

Lessons from a $100,000 trash bucket.


Marketing War: Business card catapults shoot for more clients.

Pests for Hire: Guerrilla Advertising With Wings.

World Record Attempt: Baseball fans may earn plaque for dental floss stunt.

Sucker for Scarcity: A LEGO lesson in supply and demand.


Helpful Hands: Family extends mortgage relief in son’s memory.

Small Wallet, Big Heart: You don’t need to be rich to start a charity.


Toilet Paper Diaries: Charmin bathroom bloggers won’t get their hands dirty.


Hershey Tour: Fantasy Factory Shift in the “Sweetest Place on Earth.”

Tourist Transformation: For $2, be “Anne of Green Gables.”

Lessons on the Prowl: Globetrotting teacher returns with  “Eye of the Tiger.”

Personal Travelogue: Confessions of an international turkey jerky smuggler!

Personal Travelogue: Crashing to earth in Vanuatu’s Air Force One.


Gator Aid: Life as a Minor League Baseball Mascot.

Not Just Thanksgiving: Playing Pilgrim All Year Round.


13 Things Not to Say to Unemployed Friends.

Celebrating Other People’s Rejection Letters.

Welcome to the Icky World of Bathroom Networking.

Is foul-mouthed flight attendant a cult hero?

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