Darren Garnick is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, writer, producer and photographer who occasionally breaks away from his beanbag chair to stack firewood. He enjoys Red Sox baseball, blueberry smoothies and making fun of Apple computer snobs — the kind who hang out at the “Genius Bar” on Saturdays.

Although much of his youth was spent watching “Batman,” “Get Smart,” and “Creature Double Feature,” Darren tragically now has precious little time for TV.

His documentary film quests have included trailing underdog presidential candidates (Crashing the Parties), chasing insane county fair daredevils (Hell Drivers: America’s Original Crash Test Dummies) and celebrating aviation pioneers overshadowed by the Wright Brothers (Beyond Kitty Hawk). TV field production assignments have ranged from grilling politicians for CNN to examining luxury toilets for The Travel Channel’s “World’s Best Bathrooms.”

Lately, Darren has been obsessed with participating in muddy 5K obstacle course races and other offbeat fitness events.

He is also a former business columnist for the Boston Herald and has been a contributor to, Slate, The Atlantic, The Hill, Fast Company, Parade, Outside Magazine,, The Guardian, Ha’aretz, The Jerusalem Report, and New Hampshire Magazine.

Darren and his wife Stacy live in a secluded wooded grove in Central New Hampshire with their two children, countless fisher cats and frolicking deer.

(Contact Darren at darrengarnick @ or Twitter: @darrengarnick )



Favorite Authors: Leon Uris, Carl Hiaasen, Jeff Kinney & Sly Stallone.

Childhood Hero: Carney Lansford.

Best Baseball Hairdo: Oscar Gamble, 1975.

Favorite Cartoon Characters: Fred Flintstone, Hong Kong Phooey.

Posters Actually Hung in my Childhood Bedroom: Carney Lansford, Christie Brinkley, Paulina Porizkova.

Childhood Celebrity Crushes: Valerie Bertinelli, Linda “Wonder Woman” Carter, Loni Anderson.

Favorite Bagel: Pumpernickel.

First Record Album: Foreigner Four.

Favorite Smartass Columnist: Mark Steyn.

Favorite Canadians: Seth Rogen, Martin Short, Anne of Green Gables.

Fave Fitness Routines: Condi Rice’s “No Excuses” Workout.

Best Rocky Movie: Definitely the one where he defeats Communism and avenges Apollo’s death.

Favorite Travel Spots: The Dead Sea, any Wax Museum.

Personal Kryptonite: Mayonnaise, Gefilte Fish.

Tough Guy Moment: Finished the Warrior Dash with a broken rib. Okay, fractured rib. But I still feel as cool as Carlton Fisk.

Not-So-Tough Guy Moment: Getting a Fish Pedicure.

Most Surprising Biographical Fact: I once was a Greenpeace volunteer, though regrettably got nowhere near the bastards hunting seals or whales. Find out why I never really fit in, despite owning the right t-shirts and sandals.