“Hell Drivers: America’s Original Crash Test Dummies” was optioned as a reality TV series pilot for Country Music Television.  Details on the pilot’s airdate will be shared here as soon as we know.  “Hell Drivers” was also voted the Best Documentary at Michigan’s Hell’s Half-Mile Film Festival and won the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame’s coveted Golden Wheel Award.



Hell Drivers: America’s Original Crash Test Dummies — Meet some insane county fair daredevils who topple propped-up cars like dominoes, smash school busses and jump flaming garbage trucks over piles of junk cars. For them, almost dying is the ONLY way to live!

Crashing The Parties (PBS) — Meet the “Spoilers!” They won’t win the White House. But they may determine who gets to live there.

Beyond Kitty Hawk (WGBH) — Unsung aviation pioneers who helped bring us from the Wright Brothers to the Space Age. Nominated for a regional Emmy in the Best Documentary category.

I’m On The Ballot (PBS) — The Blame Game: Did Ralph Nader or his third party outcast soulmates really “spoil” the 2000 presidential election? Or was one of the major candidates being a cry baby?

Why Can’t I Be President? (WGBH/WNET/WETA) — In New Hampshire, practically anyone with a thousand bucks can get on the official ballot. And we do mean ANYONE.

James Bond in Thoreau Land (High School English Class) — A satirical look at the Transcendental literary movement through the lens of an action-adventure political thriller. Edgar Allan Poe makes an unexpected cameo. Out of print.

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  1. did you ever cover a candidate named “Lobsterman”, who projected is stump speech on the women’s gym in hi def, across from the WGBH offices during the 2000 debates.

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