My Favorite Spice Girl & Presidential Candidate



Is there any other possible choice?

I am so Poshed out. And could Mr. Posh, David Beckham, be more overexposed right now? He’s a soccer player, for God’s sake. We’re not supposed to pay attention to those people here in America.

Ginger Spice’s service as a United Nations ambassador of something certainly scores points with me. So did leaving the Spice Girls at the top of the charts because of her artistic integrity.

But she really won me over with her courage and creativity as a mother. Daring to name her baby girl, “Bluebell Madonna,” Geri follows her heart and dances to the beat of a different synthesized drummer.



If Hart had only introduced his “New Ideas for a New America” after Bill Clinton changed the Adultery Rules forever, he may have been dancing with Donna Rice at the Inaugural Ball.

Instead, he forever lives on as a warning to politicians and other really cocky people. Never, ever, dare the media to follow you 24/7.



All of the longshot underdog candidates featured in my first documentary film, “Why Can’t I Be President?”

Click on their names and see a vintage campaign clip…

Georgiana Doerschuck — Spunky grandma who sought to ban all computers!

Jack Mabardy — Cab driver who warned of an imminent UFO invasion!

Carmen Chimento — Abraham Lincoln history buff with Lincolnesque ambitions!

Michael Levinson — The poet-prophet who will pump your gas for you!

Vermin Supreme — Meet the biggest political rat of them all!

Caroline “The Hemp Lady” Killeen — Ex-nun campaigning for marijuana legalization by bicycle!

One response to “My Favorite Spice Girl & Presidential Candidate

  1. Ellie Swift Finlayson

    I can’t believe you didn’t vote Scary!

    What better name for a candidate…. or Spice Girl!

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