tubincab2.jpg Boston HeraldGrandpa Bob delivered heart, wisdom, the Herald.

The AtlanticCARD SHARK: Bikini trading-card king Brian Wallos expands his empire to politics, training his gaze on 2016’s winners, losers, and rookies as well as the future stars of 2020.

thumbnail-dinosaur-primary The AtlanticA Dinosaur’s Primary: One Stuffed Animal’s View of the 2016 Election

Boston MFA Kimono mini The Globe and MailPlaying ‘Dress-Up’ Brings People Closer Together

Miss Ghana National Costume copy CNNCan the Miss Universe Pageant Save the World? (My “competition” with Miss Ghana.)

Dan-Quisenberry-thumbnail The AtlanticHow Athletes Ensure Immortality: “Not all greats make the Hall of Fame. Not all Hall of Famers are remembered. But a player who forges a personal connection with fans will live on.”

bandit thumbnail The Boston GlobeMissing From This Year’s Marathon: Those Lovable Bandits. “My claim to fame in Boston Marathon history is stopping for ice cream in the middle of the race.”

sox hat CNNI am a Red Sox fanboy: “Is baseball hothead David Price right? Are the millions of us who never pitched beyond Little League just a bunch of starstruck wannabes?”

bigfoot Fast CompanyBigfoot Gets His Day in Court: The New Hampshire Supreme Court case on an independent filmmaker’s right to shoot in state parks is a landmark moment for the gadget-toting YouTube generation.

Boston marathon logo Runner’s WorldFans Can Expect Some Changes at Boston Marathon. “Will Big Bird Be Banned from Heartbreak Hill?”

PEZ presidents thumbnail The AtlanticIs Pez Trying to Sugarcoat American History? “The candy company says a series of presidential memorabilia is meant to teach kids about the past, but critics say it’s waistline-expanding kitsch.”

Ari Presidential Podium thumbnail The AtlanticRepublicans in Tights: Behind the Scenes of the Superhero Primary. “What a nine-year-old boy’s quest to learn the favorite superheroes of the GOP presidential candidates tells us about the field.”

humpty dumpty storyland New Hampshire MagazineDiscover the Secrets of Story Land: “An insider’s guide to historical curiosities, forgotten fairytale lore and pre-Disney entertainment on the NH theme park’s 60th anniversary.”

Slate Magazine –  THE VANITY INDEX: The first mathematical formula to measure political egos!

Garnick-McCain Slate Magazine –  THE BABY PRIMARY: Can I get my 5-month-old daughter photographed with every presidential candidate?

President_Snoopy Slate Magazine History’s Greatest Fictional Presidential Candidates

canaligatorweb.jpg Boston Herald It’s all fun and games until a mascot loses an eye!

syrian-lingerie-tweety-3 Ha’aretz DAMASCUS AFTER DARK: What does the 1973 Yom Kippur War have to do with the rise of the Syrian lingerie industry?

pregnantweb.jpg Boston Herald Yikes! What’s it like to be a Pregnant Guy?

sloththumb.jpg Boston Herald Dramatic Sloth Rescue — In Slo-Motion!

boygeorgebright.jpg The Telegraph Hasn’t Boy George suffered enough?

bodyhedweb.gif Boston Herald Oh yes, mad scientists do exist… and they’re here in Boston.

trailerfred.gif The Telegraph Coming to a gumball machine near you: Classism!


More Selected favorite columns and articles coming soon!

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