The best fish pedicure cartoon I’ve ever seen — EVER


Granted, the genre of fish pedicure cartooning is still in its infancy given the trend’s relative freshness.

But that shouldn’t diminish the significance of the mega-talented Brad Fitzpatrick’s latest cartoon that illustrates my “Last Laugh” column in the January issue of New Hampshire Magazine.

Brad captured the spirit of my foot with such gusto that I might commission him to do an oil painting of both feet.

He apparently loves the picture, too, because he has created a “Making of the Fish Pedicure Cartoon” video condensing his three hour labor of love into eight minutes.


In other news, fish pedicures are still BANNED in New Hampshire.

I cannot believe that incoming U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen doesn’t even mention this issue on her Web site.


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2 responses to “The best fish pedicure cartoon I’ve ever seen — EVER

  1. lol – that is a great picture! Glad to see you are still out there working hard to keep the fish working 🙂

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