Who’s Cooler: “Anne from Green Gables” or Laura Ingalls from “Little House on the Prairie?”

Tourists of all ages, genders, races, creeds and political affiliations are clamoring to dress as "Anne of Green Gables" in the utopian land of Prince Edward Island

Tourists of all ages, genders, races, creeds and political affiliations are clamoring to dress as "Anne of Green Gables" in the utopian land of Prince Edward Island

Well, now you know my vote. Leave your vote below!

In case you are wondering what I am doing wearing braids and a green dress, explanations can be found below. Not that any explanations are necessary — both Canada and the USA, for the moment, still protect free expression.


Boston Herald: For $2, you can be “Anne of Green Gables”

Herald “Working Stiff” Blog: “Dress for Success: Why can’t Lexington and Concord be this photo-op friendly?

Tacky Tourist Photos: Third runner-up in the “Anne of Green Gables” lookalike contest


Back to Laura Ingalls… Her dad, Charles Ingalls, a.k.a. Michael Landon, could be one of the coolest TV characters of all time. He was gentlemanly and could kick your ass. He always did the right thing, that Charles.

If you click on the picture, you can see what the real Charles looked like (the beard styles of the time made everyone look like the Unabomber).

My fourth grade teacher gave us extra credit for watching that show because it allegedly taught us about the nuances of being a pioneer.


My goofy Anne photo is now being formally shared with the Japanese fan base. Here’s what makes it official:

Japan-Anne-of-Green-Gables copy

Click the picture for Yuka Kajihara’s view of who is the most “charming Anne” of all time.

UPDATE: Bonnet Heads Fight Back: Anne vs. Laura debate heats up the Prairie!

PLUS… Exclusive commentary from “Little House” actress Alison Arngrim, a.k.a. Nellie Oleson: “Actress urges peace between Bonnetheads and Gableheads.


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22 responses to “Who’s Cooler: “Anne from Green Gables” or Laura Ingalls from “Little House on the Prairie?”

  1. Donna Goodison

    Anne of Green Gables was way cooler — and she got Gilbert Blythe!

    • Pam O'Meara

      Although I like Laura Ingalls and she was married to a cool guy, she didn’t get outta the house much. Anne of Green Gables gets my vote.

  2. Anne of Green Gables, of course!

  3. Hey good lookin’!

    I’ll be back to pick you up later!!

  4. Vanessa

    Duh…Anne! She walked the ridge pole of a roof! No one beats Anne. Anne made things happen, and Laura just watched things happen to her. Snore.

  5. Hi Darren,

    I adore & admire a spunky Anne & funky “Manne of Green Gables”!

  6. Rachel

    Lookin’ good Darren! And I personally vote for Anne myself. She had a much better sense of humor and joie de vivre, if you will.

    On the other hand, Laura was real person, and she wrote some pretty outstanding books. So character-wise, gotta go with Anne….but in real life, gotta go with Laura.

  7. I voted for Pippi, the ultimate Bad *ss, but if it were between anne or ingalls, ingalls for sure.


  8. Dare I say that I am writing a book inspired in part by that very question? (Seriously. It’s called The Heroine’s Bookshelf and it’s coming out from HarperCollins next October)

    I myself must always fall on the side of Laura, but only because I debased myself in her name by wearing bonnets and pinafores at a young age.

  9. Sally

    Jo from Little Women

  10. Since Jo March isn’t one of the choices, I guess I’ll have to vote for Laura. I always thought Anne was a bit of a goody-goody.

  11. Casie

    I wanted to vote for Pippi. But just like in elections when you hesitate to vote for third party canidates because you don’t want to waste your vote in favor of someone you don’t want to win. I had to vote for Anne instead. Not that I don’t like Laura I do. It’s just that Anne was so cool. And I’d take Gilbert over Almonzo anyday.

  12. My vote goes to Laura, but I do think there should be a distinction between TV Laura/Anne and book Laura/Anne. If we are just talking TV, I’d vote for Anne.

  13. victoria

    I love Laura – her books taught me how to live.

  14. nelle

    both book and tv – my vote is solely for Ann with an ‘e’

  15. My vote is definitely for Anne Shirley! I love her passion and her temper and even her vocabulary, lol. She rocks. 🙂

  16. I love Anne!! She was always an inspiration and soo funny!! Gilbert is the PERFECT guy (I mean come on, LOVE that accent) and Anne had a bosom friend (Diane). Lucy Montgomerey (sp?) was the BEST writer EVER. I LOVE her use of words. I love the way Anne talked – all poetry. And her imagination!!! Boy that girl had one…

    I LOVE Laura too though, and don’t wanna pick sides. But, if I had to, I’d have to be a Gablehead.

    Gotta love Anne with an E!!!!!!!

  17. Miss Cupcake

    Ok, I love Anne and Laura both- I’ve been reading Laura scince i was 7/8 and Anne scince I was like 11. But Anne beats anyone and anything hollow!! Anne has WAY more character, shes amazing. And Gilbert is way better than ol’ Almanzo any day-
    a) so much more handsome!!;)
    b) childhood friend
    I recommend the Anne books to anyone-they are my fave EVER

  18. Faithful Reader

    I’d have to say Anne, because she was a fictional character! Lucy Maud Montgomery could make her life more “interesting.” Laura is a lovely character too; her books were about her real life so it couldn’t be as “perfect”, and I’ve read her books age 8-10 and Anne’s books are more advanced, I could say, so I can still read them.

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