Unexpected dangers lurking at an amusement park near you…

You can't say this warning was buried in the fine print!

Forget about those pesky weight restrictions, how would you like to get “soiled” with “ride lubricants” as the price of a quick adrenaline rush?

That’s the risk you take at Hersheypark’s Soaker Coaster, an inverted steel roller coaster that gets pummeled with squirt guns from below.  There are usually very long lines to get soaked and “soiled,” which sounds as appetizing as a loaded diaper.  For the record, I was only hit with water (I think) when I was on this ride.

A company spokesperson told me that oil drippings are a built-in nuisance for all inverted roller coasters because the track (and lubricant) is above your head instead of under your feet.

If getting coated in waste oil isn’t your thing, how about sacrificing your bathing suits to the omnipotent ride gods at Hershey’s Wave Rider surfing attraction?

Sadly, I didn't see anyone even ALMOST lose his or her bathing suit.

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