Media coverage of Dahlia Mania!

How does a baby’s scrapbook become the focus of a global media frenzy?

I don’t know, but watching a six-month-old infant act unimpressed by the world’s attention was a precious parenting moment!


NBC’s Tonight Show: Jay Leno’s Monologue (This link is broken, but I am working on getting this on-line)

CBS: “The Early Show”(transcript )
CNN: “American Morning”(transcript )

NPR’s “Weekend America”: “The Campaign Babies”

NPR’s “As It Happens”: “Politicians Are Like Diapers”

NY Daily News (Cover Story)

London Telegraph: “Barack best with babies”

Boston Herald: Media analyst Greg Gatlin and The Inside Track Gals

Oprah & Friends Radio: Gayle King Show

WNBC: Big Brother Speaks!

FOX-25 Morning News: “Diner Tuesday” with VB (working on getting a link)


Sharing the spotlight with Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy and Britney Spears’ suicide rumors. Really.

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